Welcome to CleverBetting.dk

CleverBetting is new service designed to help you increase your winnings.

We can’t improve your odds, but the result would be same as if we could.

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How does it work?

When you play systems at betting sites, the betting companies place your bets in an order, that does not give you the best possible payout. So by placing the same bets in a different order will result in you getting more money. CleverBetting.dk helps you with displaying how to get more out the same amount and with the same odds.

So all you need to do now is make sure you predict correct :-)


Is it legal and why is it free?

Yep - using CleverBetting is 100% legal. We have simply created a service that helps you optimize the way you should place your bet.

It’s not going to stay free forever :-) We are working on a subscription model, but until then - please enjoy our service free of charge :-).


How do I use cleverbetting.dk ?

Below is a flow where you first type in the amount you would like to bet. Then you type in the name of your bets and the odds for the bet. Now you play around with your risk profile and decide how your system bet should be placed.

Once that is done - simply place the bets at the betting site in that order and wait for the money to pour in :-)

We can’t improve your odds, but the result would be same as if we could.

Quick Introduction


Good luck and happy winnings :-)