Reisby Consult
Innovative løsninger til byer,
detailhandlen og virksomheder.


Om mig

Love pushing the limits for what's possible. Successfully achieve what people say can't be done!



A lifetime of experience in developing businesses using new technologies with the focus on the customer-centric journey. Serving as a digital advisor to international businesses across industries to help drive customer loyalty and thereby increasing revenue.

Expert Jury-member in the Global Innovation Award judging and advising the most innovative retailers within housewares.



Det siger mine kunder

It is rare that I come across a standout visionary and at the same time honest and trusting person like Henrik. Introduced by a friend 25 years ago, I am happy today that I can count him as a family member which I can call at any time when I need advice.
— Omar Nader
Henrik Reisby is a fountain of ideas. He is innovative and always focused on good results. The team approaches each job with a strong commitment and an incredible level of efficiency to solve problems within the deadline.
Reisby Consult is the better choice … believe me.
— Ayana Kabila
Concepts & ideas that truly work. Henrik Reisby ensured a 360% growth in sales within 3 years, turning H.P.Nielsen into the single largest outlet in the world for Royal Copenhagen at that time.
— José Ramos