One of the benefits of being an Expert Juror Member in The Global Innovation Award, is that I’m blessed with getting to know some of the best and boldest retailers around the world. Each year we are presented with the newest, state of the art retail concepts and store designs. This gives me an invaluable industry insight, that I’m happy to be able to pass on
— Henrik Reisby

Here we've gathered a little selection of inspiring stores from all over the world. We suggest you pay them a visit, if you get the chance - they are doing an excellent job in offering a shopping experience out of the ordinary. Find more interesting store concepts on our blog and on our Pinterest.


Quality Living is an innovative retail store that takes a unique look at the concept of the home as a personalized living space. This concept combines the opportunity to purchase a custom home along with household furnishings and interior décor items.

Normann Copenhagen is full of pure design pleasures that delight all senses. The store has a legacy in entertainment and enjoyment. Each year, a number of events are hosted to introduce products into today’s modern lifestyle.

Koskela is the go-to destination for Australian designed and ethically made products for the home. The Sydney space includes a curated selection of science and nature-based toys and games. Koskela’s furniture is also used in many innovative office workspaces.

TheSuperCool has established itself as a unique brand with innovative product and a cult following. Beginning as a mobile emporium, TheSuperCool supports many emerging and established designers from around the globe and prides itself on creating interactive, constantly evolving in-store displays and experiences.

Hudson’s Bay Company has made a dramatic move into the future of retail. The center aisle of the casual dining department is designed to resemble a market street, with seasonal displays that inspire customers at every turn, with creative vignettes enticing customers to explore “trend zones” throughout the floor.

Bianca Bonte is a true gem, using a unique concept.
The new store is a stage that absolutely exceeds customers’ expectations. The new interior are very trendy–shipping container doors used for display, and a large, free-standing stove serves to stimulate customers’ senses.

John Lewis has grown to become the most successful department store in the UK, today stocking more than 350,000 separate lines. John Lewis has a visionary and successful way of doing business. The store is owned by Partners, who are dedicated to serving customers with flair and fairness.

NK Glas is inspired by the world of beauty and fashion. In a magical space, products are highlighted in a way that is elegant, innovative and unexpected. This magic shines throughout marketing strategies, product displays and special activities and is matched by a perceptive, thoughtful and highly customer-oriented staff.

Morandin Regali is located in one of the oldest streets of Treviso's historic center. The venue is modern yet deeply rooted in historic contexts and goes way beyond the traditional store idea. This unique, multi-faced concept store, art gallery and event space continues to remain focused on the needs of its customers.


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