ReisbyConsult has been invited to do lectures and keynote speaks around the world. Our primary focus is on innovation in retail, how to implement new technologies in businesses and how retail in cities can reach higher sales rates while improving customer satisfaction.

ReisbyConsult offers easy to implement tools to improve you business model. Our approach is practical, hands-on teaching combined with a theoretical foundation.
We know the retail industry from the inside - Henrik is a former award-winning retailer with years of experience as expert juror with the Global Innovation Award.

Examples of keynotes you can book:

  • Rethink retail
  • Brilliant City Activities
  • How to work with innovation on a daily basis
  • The biggest budget does not always win - the best idea does
  • Best of The Best - innovative business practices from around the world
  • How a local store in Denmark became the most innovative store in the world

Target group: retail organizations, city and tourists organisations, trade shows & retail institutes

Henrik Reisby Nielsen was a main speaker at the 4th Interior Decoration Congress in Business Centre Club in Warsaw. This event, organized once a year by Promedia company is the most important and prestigious meeting of the decision makers in interior decoration and housewares business in Poland. The Henrik’s lecture “innovation is NOT about money” was the final and most interesting speech at the congress. The examples of the best world practices in marketing and retail gave the audience a lot of inspirations and motivation for doing their businesses more creative and innovative. His lecture was a great practical help for every congress participant. I recommend Mr. Henrik Reisby Nielsen as the best professional businessman, retail and marketing consultant and fantastic speaker.
— Jerzy Osika, CEO and owner of Promedia

One-on-one sessions.

Book us for an inspirational brainstorm, that can change the way you do things today.
We set up an introductory video meeting to determine the focal point for the session. Prior to the actual meeting, we will ask for some information about your business model and strategy in order to develop a customized solution to how you can improve your business.

Target group: Board, C-Level

Concepts & ideas that truly works - 360 % sales growth from 2004 - 2007 - When Henrik Reisby owned and worked in H.P.Nielsen we experienced a 360% growth in sales within 3 years, turning H.P.Nielsen into the single largest outlet in the world for Royal Copenhagen at that time. Henrik´s unique concepts and ideas made the difference. He is innovative and honest to do business with. I can only recommend you to listen to his ideas and strategies and walk the walk with him
— Jacob Engberg, Key Account Manager Royal Copenhagen from 2003 - 2013

Education program - improve customer satisfaction.

ReisbyConsult facilitates full scale education programs together with Kristine Hejgaard. The program will lift your entire organization when it comes to delivering Best-in-Class customer attention. 

Duration 1 - 2 years (5 - 10 full day sessions).

Target group: Retail Chains and Public companies.

We hired Henrik Reisby and Kristine Hejgaard to create a customer service oriented program and educate our entire organization on different levels. The program was a huge success and succeeded in what is often the most difficult task – lasting change of behavior. The education program was a combination of lectures and practical assignments. Henrik Reisby and Kristine Hejgaard received extremely high rating from the students in our internal evaluation of the program. “I would surely hire them again to make a change!
— Lars Lunde Ljungberg, Team Lead & Library Development Consultant at Roskilde Libraries from 2007 to 2014