Inspirerende koncepter
Lær af de bedste

Her har vi samlet en række prisvindende butikskoncepter, som på hver deres måde illustrerer best practices inden for detailhandel. Læs hvorfor juryen ved the Global Innovator Awards pegede på netop disse butikker som verdens bedste inden for deres respektive kategori.
Har du brug for inspiration og vejledning til at optimere dit eget butikskoncept, kan du med fordel kontakte os for en uforpligtende samtale.






Jumbled is a place of colourful inspiration that brings the best of the city to rural Australia. Situated in Orange in regional New South Wales, this concept store brings together coffee, fashion and home and showcases the best of Australian design. As one of Australia's leading retailers, owner Pip Brett has created a joyful retail space full of colourful and unique finds. Jumbled is a store with soul that shows customers how to build a space with personality. Fresh, bold and playful, Jumbled is a must see for all colour lovers.

· Wonderful storytelling, imagery – an artistic, dreamy feeling

· The floor plan promotes exploration, treasure hunt

· Plants and flowery, birds and paintings bring a true lifestyle feel – there is a lot of personality

· Curated product assortment, chosen for the customer

· Seamless omni-channel experience, really very good on social media

· The point of sale is wireless, customers can use iPads for shopping, so there is no restriction at counters

· Provides home styling services

· Involves staff in decision making, breakfast brainstorming sessions daily – providing a working environment where staff feel empowered, motivated and inspired






Bahne is a family company founded in 1965 with a high image and a strong reputation of uniqueness. Bahne’s store in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen is indeed unique. 1.300 m2 with 18 mtr ceiling height, a 240m2 glass facade and other features have provided the perfect playground for creating the ultimate kitchen, gift and fashion store. A 130m2 wall painting combined with a broad variation of materials/colours in different rooms have created a special experience - a local hero. The store offers new exciting experiences around each corner and is made with the heart, not a spreadsheet!

· Focus on well trained, happy staff

· Holistic approach with the target group in mind, mixing home and housewares with fashion

· Understands and utilizes volyme

· Themes promoted throughout the store

· The entire store changes every three months, with the seasons

· Innovative with fixtures

· Extraordinary lighting, very beautiful

· Different themes, areas, feelings created, supporting an exciting customer experience:

- Use of the wall with large environmental graphic sets a theatre
- A museum style feel in the jewelry area

· The use of raw wood gives a sustainable feel





Tsutaya Electrics

FUTAKO TAMAGAWA TSUTAYA ELECTRICS is a store that sells a lifestyle for a new-style customer. It offers a variety of products from the latest technology to classic design. In the BOOK&CAFÉ space, concierges propose various lifestyles through home appliances and household products. It is a place of art & technology, offering interior goods, books and miscellaneous products that stimulate daily life. In an era of Internet purchasing, Futako wants customers to imagine how products will help them live by picking up the actual item. As they experience a lifestyle in each shop or event, customers will understand a product’s value not just for usage but also for functionality, design and price.

· The store is a true cultural hub – people want to spend time there and keep going back

· Very hospitality driven store, with emphasis on service compared to sales

- Concierge service

- Hiring cruise personnel to work in the store as part of concierge service, not just sales people

· Beautiful, educational displays

· Good directional and educational signage, lifestyle signage emphasizing art, travel, work

· Incorporating the human factor, greenery






S-Kultur is the region’s leading store for cooking, home comforts and pure enjoyment. They see themselves as hosts, inviting visitors and fans to be inspired with all their senses: at the Cafebar, Cookery school and household goods store. BBQ fans, design enthusiasts, hobby chefs, coffee junkies and epicures find everything they’re looking for – from conventional brands to innovative craft enterprises. S-Kultur’s goal is to be fair, innovative and sustainable. A homely atmosphere, a well-considered selection of products and properly trained staff turn customers into genuine fans in the region’s go-to destination for indulgence.

· Overall very well thought out concept, very clean store providing a culinary experience

· Great store design, strong floor plan

· There is a feel of newness, with table settings and decorations renewed every week.

· There is a true passion for grilling and barbecue – integrating barbecue in the store concept and experience, with a unique café experience, steaks home delivered and more.

- The fact that they do catering adds visibility, ties to the community

· Organizes 200 events per year, inspiring and educating customers about grilling and barbecue, with how-to-classes and recipes

· Late-hour shopping, engraving and personalization services

· Treat staff well, family-like


La Cuisine



La Cuisine

Continually introducing innovative ideas, La Cuisine keeps surprising its customers. That a large shop with an extensive range of products can survive in a small village is due to its prestigious reputation. People often travel from far and wide to visit La Cuisine. Business customers come to furnish their offices or buy promotional gifts, maternity gifts and Christmas hampers. Many famous chefs have given cooking demos in the well-equipped demonstration kitchen. The expansion in 2017 with a trendy Coffee Room with various coffee and home-made cake specialities, a Wine Bar, a Rituals Home & Body shop and its own line of delicacies, made shopping at La Cuisine even more of an experience.






From 1976 to today, Porland is a leading and trend setting brand of Turkey. With a range of products, from household retail to gastronomy for professional use, Porland’s products include superior technology and skilled labor force by reflecting every detail of both design and production processes. Along with the mesmerizing porcelain production plant in Bilecik, Porland meets its customers’ expectations with its unique and innovative stores. Porland’s top priority is to reach 100% customer satisfaction. With more than 1,600 employees, 40,000 m² in concept stores, 70 million pieces yearly production capacity and 380,000 m² production facilities, Porland is a pioneering and sensational world brand with a unique vision.

· A store where nothing is left untouched

· Inspirational and aspirational windows and interior, with great use of large-scale imagery at the entrance and throughout the store

· Provides a next-generation, next-level omni-channel experience, blending the digital and physical space

- Projection tables part of the store design, with apps to see your own table with the select product

- Customers can customize their own china

- Access to social media channels in-store

· Dedication to weddings, with a special wedding app

· Really very beautiful wrapping and packing materials






9design, a family owned retail store and online shop since 2009, has become a recognizable brand and a popular location on interior design map of Warsaw. The showroom hosts both customers, design lovers and professionals – architects and designers looking for inspiration, insights, and support. A skilled team of employees serves customers from the entire country of Poland. Products include established European brands and design icons, as well as projects of talented Polish designers – some produced exclusively under 9design brand. Customers recognize 9design for product and style diversity, an approach toward demanding projects and flexibility in customer service.