Reisby Consult offers full-service app development. We can handle the entire process starting with wire framing and design to development, coding and testing.
We embrace development tasks that span from the fun and simple app to big app projects, which require complex back-end database integrations.

We are the place to go, if you are thinking about developing a mobile app and need skilled inputs to get started. Building an app can be a tricky thing - we know this from experience. We also know how to best plan, lead and execute the project. Our project management team will guide you through the decision making and make sure the project stays on schedule. And our design team makes sure the app will look better than you expected.

We offer our competencies as seperate services. So if you only need app project management or a full app design package, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Here are a few examples of some designs we've done recently. We can do yours as well.




The CleverBinder mobile app is our most complex product to date and it demonstrates a highly sophisticated back-end system, translated into an easy-to-use interface with great usability. CleverBinder synchronizes across platforms to allow users to access their data whether on iPhone, iPad or Android.

We have built a groundbreaking software solution for the retail and service provider industry that communicates with all Point of Sale and e-commerce systems. The CleverBinder Service does not require any integration, but can easily be installed via our Clever Connect-module.

CleverBinder is a connectivity tool for retailers. The app enables retailers to stay in touch with consumers after a sale to provide extended services and a high-level customer support. 

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Main binder overview

product overview in binder

product certificate

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Download the free app here


Global Planner

Finding the perfect time slot for a meeting with participants from around the world has never been easier.
Specify the cities of your interest to see their respective time zones. Use the slider to find the perfect match for all chosen time zones and create a meeting event. The event is now added to your calendar. Global planner adjusts to daylight savings automatically.

city overview

search for more cities

create a calendar event

name the event to store it in the calendar


The free app is available on App Store


Roskilde Festival Quiz

At Reisby Consult, we are huge fans of the Roskilde Festival. That's why we decided to make an app, that celebrates all the great bands that have played at Roskilde for the past 44 years. The quiz app was made in colaboration with the Roskilde Festival. The idea behind it, is to give the guests a fun game to play in between concerts, and let them challenge each other on the historical band list of the festival. The app is a good example of a branded concept presented as a simple, fun-to-play app. We sure had lots of fun making it.


The free app is available on App Store


U.S Presidents Quiz

Which President liked to swim naked in the river each morning before leaving for office? Who was the first President to be born an American citizen?
You can find out this and much more in this educational U.S Presidents quiz app. This fun to play iPhone app offers 6 different categories related to the history of the American Presidency. Game types include: Political Party quiz || Term quiz || Who’s in the picture || Fun facts || True or false || Presidential quotes.
With the elections coming up, this app is a great way to refresh your memory about the current and former heads of the Oval Office. The app is available for free in the App Store. Enjoy.

The free app is available on App Store



The NFL Super Bowl, viewed by millions world wide and the holy grail of the pigskin classic. This app tests your knowledge of teams that have played against each other in the big game throughout history, it tests your knowledge of the Super Bowl winners, who the games MVP's were and runs through some fun facts about the game in a True/False round. This app will have you test your knowledge, gain some knowledge, and have fun while doing it. You, yourself can be the MVP with this super fun Super Bowl trivia app.



The Backspin Golf iPad-app is one of our current projects and will be released in the nearest future. Backspin is a Copenhagen-based social organisation, who approached Reisby Consult with a clear mission. They wanted us to develop a learning tool for their students. Backspin uses golf as a framework to help their students build up social relations and competencies. Social interactions around the golf course is the focal point, so the app is based on physical exercises to be performed by the students on the spot. The main component of the app is a wheel of fortune, that the players spin to decide which task to complete. The app becomes a tool to inspire outdoor activities and lots of fun.

Backspin is an organisation that makes a difference. That is why we didn't hesitate to take the job. At Reisby Consult it's important to us, that we can vouch for the things we do and our clients. Learn more about Backspin here ›